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Preserving Teeth

Preserving Teeth

We all know that our own teeth are preferred to artificial replacements. At Karsch Family Dental we offer a variety of services and treatments to help you preserve your natural teeth including:

  • Fillings & Crowns
  • Bite Guards & Splints

Fillings & Crowns

In our office, resin, or tooth colored fillings are used to fill damaged teeth due to tooth decay. Resin fillings are a more versatile and esthetic restoration than are amalgam, or silver colored fillings.  There are also fewer health and environmental concerns with resin than with amalgam fillings.

Crowns are employed for greatly damaged teeth due to tooth decay or tooth fracture.  A crown covers the tooth completely and protects it from breaking.  Tooth colored crowns also restore the beauty of the tooth and give you the confidence to smile again!

Bite Guards & Splints

Millions of Americans suffer from headaches such as migraines or tension headaches. Sometimes these headaches, as well as an amount of tooth damage, are caused by involuntary grinding and clenching.

Grinding and clenching is actually caused by overactive jaw muscle function. When the jaw muscles are overactive, they can not only wear down your teeth, but they may also cause headaches as well as neck and jaw pain. If left untreated, severe tooth damage and problems with the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) can result.

If you are aware of a nighttime grinding or clenching habit, or if you experience symptoms such as frequent headaches or exhibit tooth damage, you might benefit from a bite guard to protect your jaw joint and teeth.

Ask Dr. McMann about solutions he and his team can provide for you ranging from bite guards to splints.

What our patients say:
"I consider it a blessing that I was referred by a relative to Karsch Family Dental. My experiences with Dr. McMann and his staff can be expressed only as POSITIVE.

I became a patient of Karsch Family Dental 2 months ago, but I feel as though I’ve been going there for years. Dr. McMann and his staff create a positive and comfortable environment while meeting your dental needs.

After my first visit to Karsch Family Dental, I was informed of multiple dental needs that would need to be treated. Dr. McMann and his staff were so professional, supportive, and compassionate as they designed a treatment plan that would address my critical dental needs first and progress toward other needed areas as my financial needs would allow.
They also offer a Care Credit Program, which has allowed me to have interest free payments for a 12-month time period.

I can truly say this dental office cares about their patients, and I would highly recommend Dr. McMann and his staff to others with dental needs."

- Melanie Allen

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